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I miss me April 15, 2008

Filed under: Puisi — muliaarif @ 5:38 pm

I miss me,
When I did stupid thing and feel happy…
I miss me,
If I feel so sad, I cried and laugh at once…

I miss me,
Writing ADT (Any D*** Thing)
Anything I feel,
Good or bad, don’t care…

I miss me,
As lately she is not home
She is somewhere between…
Visible but not!

MA, Jkt 15 April 2008, 17. 30 Confuse? Me too!


9 Responses to “I miss me”

  1. baliazura Says:

    I miss U to :mrgreen:

    It’s long time i miss to read Ur post

    Be confuse it’s like way to chat with ourself
    listen and think.

  2. adek Says:

    so do i
    i miss you too sist…
    where have you been??

  3. muliaarif Says:

    baliazura: Hi Bli, nice to ‘chat with you’. Thank you for your tip. Lately, time is walking very fast, until I feel I can’t catch up…

    Adek: Hellow Adek, miss you. I am still around, but not around.. Ciayou!

  4. Yoga Says:

    That’s why you’ve said me you’re not on Earth lately…hmmm.. this is serious condition indeed.

    Hi miss u sist!

  5. vin Says:

    i miz u too sista 🙂

    where are you actually? on earth?


  6. muliaarif Says:

    vin: yeah, tell me about it. I am still somewhere, between… Thanks for your support

  7. rose Says:

    i want to take two of yours.thanks so much.

  8. nida Says:

    i miss u dadiie…!!

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