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Let’s just do… Februari 22, 2008

Filed under: Naik Tangga — muliaarif @ 5:29 pm

English mode: On. This lovely friday, I would like to share something, food for though. It says: “We first make our habits, then our habits make us”. Make sure to read it carefully, as this is simple statement, catchy one but require faith to embed it to our heart. It sounds so naif if I say: lets make good habit, but I have no other words then that naif mode.
Well, If this is going to make us better person, why don’t we just do it.

MA, Jkt 22 February 2008, 17.27, Just do it, will you!


7 Responses to “Let’s just do…”

  1. baliazura Says:

    yes,I ‘will.

    start from little things,put a garbage to the can. :mrgreen:

  2. muliaarif Says:

    baliazura: yes, lets just do!

  3. agoyyoga Says:

    Start to asking my self which habits that already makes me like this way now…

  4. muliaarif Says:

    Yoga: I can point one for you, reading!

  5. Yoga Says:

    doog tnioP! Sorry I mean good point! I hope it can inspire someone else…

  6. Anre_renata Says:

    …Two tumb up for u

  7. muliaarif Says:

    Anre_Renata: Two tumbs up for you too! Thanks for stopping by

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