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Live is about a choice, depend on the frame of mind we choose

You are what you believe you are Januari 18, 2008

Filed under: Semangat Pagi — muliaarif @ 1:47 pm

This morning, I am in English mode. I would like to share a bit of ‘inside’ findings within myself. Well, truly indeed, many of us often think that we are good person, bad person, average, so forth. This is what we think, what we believe and represent ourselves as is. So, maybe it is a good time, to have a deep thinking, what we actually think about ourselves and what kind of response that we give to any condition with that thinking. Be objective!

There are many ways of changing behavior (if we think we have to change); one of it is Change Model. Start with realizing it, making decision, learning, doing it in steps, exercising, being consistent.

Have a think about it and make a real step to make improvement. Let’s start it, yes, now please….

MA, Jkt 18 January 2008, 08.25AM, Knock’in on heaven’s door….


10 Responses to “You are what you believe you are”

  1. agoyyoga Says:

    Semangat Pagii!!!
    Even now almost 4.10 pm…

    A spirit to improve ourselves that makes me really need to change…
    Looks like we are on the same boat for this business!

    cheers sist!

  2. vin Says:

    i though that i lost. it’s like ‘it wasn’t me’. but, finally i gave up. it’s me. the real me. yes, sista. you’re right.

    i am what i believe i am.

    thanx 4 all you’re support.


  3. muliaarif Says:

    Yoga: Sorry for late reply, just return from leave (excuse….) Yes, let’s make sumthing good!

    Vin: Its always an honor to give a bit of food for thought. You know that you are talented. May Allah gives you best way to reach all your goals for now and then.
    Love, MA

  4. Hai sist, where have you been? but let me say “welcome back” sist.. 🙂

    being consisten with the good change that we’ve made sometime is difficult, but it’s depend on our spirit to realize it isn’t??

  5. MA Says:

    Adek: Hi, I just come back from another world 🙂 Anyway, challenge is always there for being consistent, however trying our best is a must. See how we go. Tetap semangat!

  6. baliazura Says:

    well come back….
    along time I wait for ur post.

    step up and I see wide

    tetap semangat…

  7. muliaarif Says:

    Baliazura: Hi Bli, nice to be back, after long holidays and another long holidays. Today is bright because of your kind support.


  8. Handi Yan Says:

    Nice article..
    Yes,if you think you are smart,healty,creative,friendl

  9. Handi Yan Says:

    You’l be like that.Like what do u think.So pasti.

  10. heru Says:


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